Hip Flexor Treatment | How Cure & Prevent Hip Flexor Injuries

Torn or pulled hip flexor muscle can result in hip flexor strain.When you lift your legs to the chest or when you sit down, your hip and lower back start paining.Heavy exercise activities such as stretching, cycling, running can tear the hip flexors muscle.Hip flexors are made up of hip flexor muscle.Tendonitis connects hip flexors muscle to the bones.Hip flexor controls your all the body movement.Tight hip flexor affects your mobility and your body movement.

The primary reason for your hip flexor pain is a heavy workout.Pain in the hip flexor limits your activities such as running, kicking, walking.Low flexibility, wrong stretching, poor strength can cause hip flexor strain.Sudden pain in hip and lower body, pain while running, walking or while doing any other activities are the early symptoms of tight hip flexors.At a first stage, hip flexor can be cured by taking rest and by using some home remedies.

This post guides on hip flexors treatment, How to strengthen your hip flexors, how to prevent hip flexor strain.

If you have seen hip flexors symptoms in you, then you can use below-mentioned tips to prevent and stop hip flexor strain.

hip flexor treatment

1>Rest-The primary cause of hip flexor pain is heavy exercise and repetitive action.If you have pain in the hip, then it may be due to you are doing overstretching, situps.Due to this, your hip flexor muscle gets pulled.This pulled hip flexors muscle can cause hip flexor pain.Your body needs rest and some time to get recover.Do not do any exercise, stretching for few days.Avoid running, climbing, kicking, stretching for few days.

2>Ice-Wrap ice in cloth or towel and apply to your injured area.Do not apply ice directly to your injured hip flexor.

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