6 Major Hip Flexor Symptoms

On this post, you will get to know about significant hip flexor symptoms.Due to the torn or pulled hip muscle can cause pain in the knee and ou hip area.If you don’t know what is hip flexor don’t worry I will tell you what is hip flexors.Hip flexors are the muscle in your hip area.Hip flexor control all your body activities like lifting a leg, walking, moving leg up and down. It helps you to do various activities like running, climbing, cycling.Hip flexor has iliopsoas and quadriceps.

Tendons connect this hip flexor muscle to the bones.Sometimes some quick body movement can tear this muscle and causes hip flexor strain.If you are an athlete who does a heavy exercise like climbing, running, then you might have pain in your hip flexors.Due to the hip flexor, you can bend your body, up your leg upto chest.In simple ways hip flexor connect your upper body to the lower body.Tight hip flexor affects your overall body movement and mobility.

Here are the few early symptoms of hip flexors:

hip flexor symptoms

1>Sudden pain in a hip area

2>Pain in lifting your leg

3>Pain while doing body movement

4>sudden pain in knee and hip

5>Cramp in hip muscle

6>Pain while jumping, playing, running, cycling

If you have seen any of this symptoms, then you might have the problem of tight hip flexors.In early-stage tight hip flexor is cured by taking rest for few days.Do not do any exercise and heavy activities like playing, cycling, running, climbing.Take complete bed rest and give some time to recover your muscle.You can apply hot water to your hip.You can also put ice on your hip.Do not put ice directly on your hip.Wrap ice in cloth first and then apply it to your body.

If you are not treating hip flexor strain, then it might get worse.Unlock your hip flexors is the best online training program on hip flexors that will help you to unlock your tight hip flexors

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