Hip Flexors Pain Types And Its Solution

Are you suffering from the hip pain?If yes then this article is for you.The muscle around hip is known as a hip flexor, and sometimes this muscle gets tight and creates pain.If you are having pain while climbing, running, seating, lifting leg then it is mainly due to the tight hip flexors.The muscle at hip region, muscle in the thigh, glutes make the hip flexors muscle.The hip flexor is main muscle for your body movement and when your hip flexor gets hurt.Your overall body starts paining when your start doing the regular activity.Tight hip flexors create lots of problem in your body.Tight hip flexors are the main reason for back pain.Pain in your iliopsoas muscle affects your body movement.

Hip flexor pain

There is three major hip flexors pain that we discussed in this post.You can read the main causes of hip flexors,main symptoms of hip pain.

1>Knee and chest pain-Your knee starts paining when you lift your leg.This pain is due to the pulled flexor.

2>Tendontis-When your stretch your body especially your thigh or hip your hip start pain and this is due to the tendonitis.This type of hip flexors tendonitis is mainly seen in athletes. Tendon inflammation in the hip region caused hip flexor pain.Tendon connect your body muscle to the bones.Any problem in tendon creates pain in the muscle.If you are a sportsperson, then you might have the tendonitis pain.Repetitive exercise such running used hip flexors for movement.

3>Bruise flexor

Bruise flexor is similar to pulled flexor, but the only difference is that when you touch or apply pressure to hip it started to pain.In pulled flexors, your body starts paining when you do body movement.Bruised flexor is not a dominant type of injury, and it gets cured when you take proper rest.You can apply heat to your hip to get immediate relief.

Here are the simple solutions to the hip flexor pain.

Here i include basic exercise to treat hip flexors:

1>Take proper body rest-For few days do not do any exercise.Take bed rest for few days.

2>Apply ice or heat to your hip area

3>Unlock your hip flexors is the step by step program that helps you to get rid of tight hip flexors


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