Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review By UYHF Student|Read This First

Read this Honest Unlock your hip flexors review before buying it.This review is written by UYHF student who bought this training.I followed Rick Kaselj training videos to treat my tight hip flexors, and my results are surprising.This is completely unbiased review by someone who purchases his training.

Unlocking your Hip Flexors Program

Unlock your Hip Flexors is a practical, easy to follow program available to instant hip flexors release for better energy, strength, and health.

unlock your hip flexors review

The contents of the package are:

  • DVD Video

10 exercises with detailed explanation on each one to achieve that perfect form.Two parts in the video, first being coaching video for each exercise that helps understand its importance and why you are doing it.

Second part being, follow along designed to just follow the video with exercises without the detailed explanation.This is applicable to those who are familiar with the exercises.

  • Manual

Detailed information about the psoas muscle and how it affects your lifestyle.

Also includes posture for each exercise with pictures for your reference.

  • Bonus 1: Unlock Tight Hamstrings – Set of exercises to unlock your Hamstring muscles.
  • Bonus 2: The 7-day Anti-Inflammatory Diet – Diet plan to heal your body with the right foods.

Rick promises very quick results if you follow the exercise to the very last dot.Only through constant learning, you will perfect this healthy regiment, which helps undo the damage to the hip flexors that has accumulated over the years.

Rick personally recommends this exercise as anyone can do this exercise, there is no age limit or gender constraint.

I tried many hip flexors exercise but exercise shown by rick in his unlock your hip flexor is top notch.All the exercise rick shows are beginner friendly.Anyone can do this without any prior experience.Rick unlock your hip flexor program not only helps me to treat my tight hip flexors but also help me to get a strong body.
Here are some pros of Rick Unlock your hip flexor program:
1>Easy to follow beginner friendly exercise.Anyone can do this steps to get a strong body.There is no age and gender limit.
2>Low Price-I tried many hip flexors exercise and expensive training program.To be honest, I found rick exercise is top notch. The training shown in YUHF is better than other expensive training programs.For just 10 dollars you will get immediate access to the rick training DVD, manual and bonus.
3>Online training-You can watch his training anytime, anywhere in the world.You can download coaching on your mobile or pc.

Many people followed rick training and get an amazing result.

unlock your hip flexors training program

Who should buy this unlock your hip flexors training?

If you are suffering from hip pain, back pain then this program is for you.If you want strength and vitality, then you should try rick unlock your hip program.I decided to write this unlock your hip flexors review because I get a very good result from this program.For the price of one coffee, you will get this program.

Who is not supposed to be doing this

I mentioned earlier that everyone irrespective of any age or gender can do these exercises.However, there are a few exceptions here as well.

This is not meant for those who are planning to build muscles and bulk up since there is no weight training involved here.

All of these are freehand exercises that are useful only to activate and warm up the muscles, but not enough to grow them substantially.

This program helps strengthen the intended muscle/s bit by bit with much longer improvement affects compared to the regular weights training.

The only downside I noticed here would be that the program is only available in the digital format.

And, if you need a hard copy, you would have to take the printouts of the manual.

With a 2-month money back guarantee, you are in for a treat with this program.

If you are prone to lower back pain, restless sleeping, and such disorders, you certainly would want to try this program, since it is very beneficial in these cases.

People without any issues, who are health conscious can try it out to improve your daily lifestyle with a better hip flexor.


Hip Flexor exercises are said to be healthy and provide much balance to the body, posture, hormonal balance and more benefits.However, do you know what is this hip muscle, that needs flexing or exercise?

The muscle called psoas (pronounced as so-az) helps maintain body balance, acts as the center of gravity for your body, aids in good posture, improve your immune system and has more benefits to it.

When this muscle becomes stiff, which is quite normal in major part of the population, since we see people suffering from various disorders like back pain, bad posture, sleeping difficulties and more.

Today, we will discuss a series of exercise regiment which helps unlock your hip flexors for the betterment of your health.

Before we proceed, I gave brief information about what is stiff hip muscles psoas, how it will affect your daily lifestyle.

Let’s now look at the bad side of having a stiff psoas muscle and it is a very common disorder which is really hard to diagnose due to the muscle location.

This muscle which supports or connects the upper and lower body is present in the inner hip region and hard to train with your normal exercises.

You need a trained professional to help you train this muscle.

Bad side

The symptoms of tight hip flexors which can be looked over even by the best doctors are:

  • Bad Posture
  • Pain in the lower back, hips, and legs
  • Poor immune system
  • Sleeping difficulties
  • Blood circulation issues
  • Poor sexual performance
  • Digestive disorders
  • Uncomfortable feel while walking
  • High anxiety
  • Fat loss inhibitor

Unlocking your hip muscle is quite tricky, unlike other muscles, stretching with your regular workouts is not possible with hip muscle psoas.

The major cause for stiffness of this important muscle is not enough body movement during the day since we are stuck in front of the system all day.

Even I do the same thing and get no exercise due to work or even due to playing games of social media.  


Let’s check out the importance of hip flexors to help you better understand the necessity to opt for this program.

All muscles are equally important for a healthy body; however, some muscles play a vital role and some don’t.

This is one of those muscles which has a vital role in determining your daily lifestyle.

  • Healthy hip flexors assist in emotional well being
  • Everything that you do is supported by hip, think about it
  • With an injured hip, you can even do the basic things like sit, stand, walk and even reach out
  • Stabilizes the spine, optimizing your posture
  • Only muscle that connects the upper body to the lower body
  • Sexual performance is enhanced
  • Keeps you active

There are a lot of benefits to talking about, but I’ll stop here since the list is very lengthy.

Since the muscle is buried so deep in your abdomen, even physicians won’t be able to detect the root cause being the tight hip flexor.

Regular exercise helps you maintain overall health and physically fit body; however, it wouldn’t harm to improve your body to the optimal state.

It is certainly not a walk in the park since everyone will not be able to fix this.

Dedication is required to stick to the hardcore regiment to ensure that you are feeling the difference.

A few may notice the difference after the first session while for others it may take a few more sessions to start noticing the changes.

Hip Flexor Regiment

Coming to the proper steps or method to achieve hip flexors, there is something called Sequential flow method with instructional manuals and videos to observe and perform the exercises properly.

You need to follow the right order to unlock your hip muscles, else you may face adverse effects.

By doing it wrong, you will only make it worse than it already is, and you don’t want that to happen.

This method helps to activate the healing process of the body, which in turn will help with more flexibility improving your vitality and strength at the same time.

There are 6 steps with unique stretches for you to follow which will help unlock your hip flexors:

  • Step 1: PNF – Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation Stretches

This stretching method allows you to relax the muscles around the joints to decrease the stiffness and is targeted to acute specific muscles.

  • Step 2: Dynamic Stretches

Stimulating muscle around the particular joint in a progressive manner to achieve its full motion range, dynamic stretches increase the range of motion around the joint over time which results in better circulation and warms up the muscle around the same joint.

  • Step 3: 3 – Dimensional Core Stability Exercise

To reduce unwanted stress on your joints which result in injuries, 3D Core Stability set of exercises are followed.These exercises target muscle in all planes of movement, so the abdominal and core muscles improve strength, endurance and achieve proper activation.

  • Step 4: Mobility Exercise

This set of exercises concentrates on joints which helps in improving movement range and free movement to decrease the stiffness gradually.

  • Step 5: Fascia Stretching

Loosening and lengthening Fascia tissues is targeted in this step, the target tissue helps in relaxing muscles and also avoid tissue damage

  • Step 6: Muscle Activation Movement

The unused muscles during our daily routine of sitting idly in front of the systems are activated here using these set of exercises.

This also helps stimulate those muscles for body movement effectively.With these proven steps, you are one step closer to unlocking your hip flexor.Experts in this field say dedication is the only factor here to achieve a free hip muscle.

A routine with strict stepwise exercise will help you feel the difference from the very first session for some and for others, it may take a few more sessions to feel the prominent changes in their own body.

A leading Kinesiologist and Injury specialist, Rick Kaselj is the one who introduced this Sequential Flow Method with his Unlock your Hip Flexors Program.Fitness professionals go to Rick for expert advice for their own clients.

Hip pains are very common in women, especially post-pregnancy which leads to further complications.

This method is not only applicable to those in pain but even applicable to fitness freaks who want their body to be in the most optimal state.

Using the right steps will increase blood flow to clean out metabolites and lactic acid, which reduces inflammation with nourishing and rejuvenating the area.

Bottom Line-I hope this unlock your hip review help you to decide whether to buy this training or not